Tips, Tricks, & Resources for Self Storage Units

As a family-owned and -operated business, D Highway Storage has an abiding passion for making life easier in our local community by providing high-quality, affordable, and secure storage units. We put years of experience to work for you, relentlessly searching for ways to bring you world-class storage unit options and peace of mind when it comes to storage. When you choose D Highway Storage in the Farmington community, you can rest assured you’ve chosen a storage unit facility and a team who will surpass your expectations.

Unlike an extra attic or garage, a storage unit is an incredible advantage and useful asset, and using it right is about more than simply putting your possessions in it and walking away. For instance, document storage requires different preparation than storing personal items, like furniture, clothing, and sporting gear.

The last thing we want is for you to open your unit and find damage! At D Highway Storage, we’re all about empowering our clients to make informed, smart decisions when it comes to storage. We’ve compiled a collection of expert advice and storage tips to help you become a storage pro in your own right. Check out the categories below!

Storage Basics

How long will you need a storage unit for? How often will you need to access the storage unit? These are some of the basic questions you can ask yourself when thinking about what type of storage unit you want to rent.

Personal Storage

Different people have different reasons for needing a storage unit, and there are different ways to store your personal items properly. There are some items you might want to store at different times, such as out-season clothing, and others you might want to put further back in a storage unit, like collectors items, which also might need climate control.

Document Storage

From birth certificates, wills, and deeds, to insurance policies, auto titles, and stock and bond certificates, physical paper records are critical pieces of information that require safe and secure storage, which more often than not also include climate-controlled units. Learn what documents you should store permanently or temporarily, as well as which documents you could probably live without.

Military Storage

At D Highway Storage, we are proud to be able to provide affordable, safe, and secure storage units for U.S. military service members. Moving from one base to another, at home or abroad, can be stressful, but we are here to give our military service members peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more!

Student Storage

Whether it is your first move or a repeated move between every school year, packing up and moving for college can be a hassle. D Highway Storage provides cheap, high-quality storage units for students that provide security and accessibility. Read more on our student storage page, or contact us today.

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Check out our curated compilations of expert storage knowledge and FAQs, especially as we add to it over time. Contact our storage facility staff members if you have further questions about our storage unit rates, sizes, and other options. We’re excited to meet you!