Most of us have family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation that we want to continue to pass down. However, like all human-made items, objects deteriorate overtime, especially paper.

When you invest in document storage at D Highway Storage in Farmington, you can rest assured that the deterioration process will slow down considerably if you choose a climate controlled storage unit. High temperatures cause paper to overdry and humidity can cause paper to crinkle and then eventually shrivel. Atmospheric pollutants also contribute to the deterioration of paper. Sulfuric acid, for example, a common contaminant in the air, causes paper to lose its strength.

Other environmental hazards to be on the lookout for include insects, particularly silverfish, book-lice, moths, and beetles, which eat paper. Rodents, if they infiltrate your home, can damage your documents as well. Fungi and mold love to grow where temperature and humidity are uncontrolled. Light with its harmful UV rays causes oxidation, which causes the paper to fade, especially certain colors. The yellow or brown color you see is caused when light hits lignin, a compound in plants.

In the end, climate controlled storage is the best way to keep your documents safe from the environment and preserved for years to come.

Many businesses like to store documents as well, which helps to keep documents private and protected, as well as helps to clear up space in their offices and other locations. By having your business documents all in one place in a climate controlled storage unit, they will be easy to find should you need them.

D Highway Storage in Farmington offers the best climate controlled storage units. Contact us today for all your document storage needs!