For many military servicemembers and their loved ones, “home” consists of family and familiar belongings that travel with them from place to place. If this sounds familiar to you, you aren’t alone! However, moving a household as often as you might can be an expensive hassle despite the help often provided by the military. At D Highway Storage, we’re honored to provide storage solutions that allow military people to keep their possessions, even if they’re being deployed halfway across the world.

When you’re a member of the military, moving is just part of the job, which can be exciting, but it can also be cumbersome, especially when you consider how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Where do you store all that stuff when you’re next deployed?

D Highway Storage in Farmington offers the best military storage for your needs. From climate-controlled storage units to self storage units that are large, we’ve got your storage needs covered. Below, we’ll go over just a few of the many benefits of choosing military storage for your belongings while you are deployed. Contact us today to get started!


  • Won’t inconvenience family and friends. When you’re in the military, you can often feel as if you are imposing upon your family and friends a lot for things that you just need help for. While that is what family and friends are for, it still can seem like a lot and the guilt can add up. When you invest in military storage with D Highway Storage in Farmington, you can store all of your items without having to impose upon friends and family.
  • 24-hour military storage access. When you do arrive back in the United States and you’re ready to move somewhere semi-permanent again, your belongings will be ready when you’re ready. If you want to move on a holiday at 2 am, you’ll be able to do so without disturbing anyone (except maybe the raccoons!).
  • Keep your items safe. When you invest in military storage with D Highway Storage in Farmington, you can rest assured that your items will be kept safe, in one location, under lock and key, and with no one disturbing them.

Our affordable storage solutions provide crucial support and peace of mind in many situations, including the following:

  • You’re being moved to a place where the cost of living is very high. A storage unit can expand your livable space while keeping costs manageable.
  • You’re moving from one base to another, and there’s going to be a month where you don’t have a home and will be staying in a hotel. We’ll protect your household items so when you find a home or apartment, it’s easy to make it your own.
  • You’re being deployed and you can’t bring your possessions with you. From furniture to appliances to cars, we keep your items in top shape until you come back.

The entire D Highway Storage team is proud to go the extra mile for service members and do whatever we can do smooth transitions, deployments, and more.

When you’re away defending our freedoms, you want to know that everything at home is taken care of. You want to eliminate all necessary worries so you can focus on your role in the military. D Highway Storage in Farmington offers peace of mind above all else for your personal belongings. Contact us today for all your military storage solutions!