It’s a fact of life that we need things in order to operate. Let’s take having a baby, for example. When you have a baby, you need a lot of things. Diapers, formula, crib or bassinet, changing table, stroller, car seat, baby clothes, baby blankets, burp clothes, baby monitors, baby bathtub, high chair, baby swing, and the list goes on and on. When your baby grows up and outgrows all of this stuff, what do you do with it? Some of it you can sell, but some of it you want to keep. After all, you never know when your kids might want to use their old high chair for their kids!

D Highway Storage in Farmington offers the best storage units, from climate controlled to drive-up access. We offer a convenient kiosk from which you can make payments, as well as an online payment portal. We offer convenient office hours for your questions about our self storage units, as well as great customer service every step of the way. Below, we’ll offer up just a few of the benefits of decluttering. Contact us today for all your storage needs!


  • You’ll be able to concentrate more. When you are surrounded by a mess and by clutter, your mind tends to focus on that, try to plan when and how you will clean it rather than focusing on the task at hand. Basically, your mind is always multitasking rather than focusing.
  • You’ll be better able to focus on your goals. Clutter lying around that hasn’t been touched for days, weeks, or even months reminds you of unfinished tasks and can be catalysts for feeling guilt and shame. Get rid of those items, and be motivated once again.
  • You’ll have more time. We’ve all been there — we can’t find our car keys or our wallet because it is covered up by old newspapers lying on our kitchen table. Or, you can’t find your favorite shirt you had planned on wearing on your next date because it is buried in a mountain of clothes. You spend needless time looking for these items when if you had been organized, you wouldn’t have. Save time by decluttering.