At D Highway Storage, we understand the significance of your items. If we can play any role in keeping them safe, we consider it a privilege! Whether you’ve used a storage facility before or not, there are lots of different reasons to choose it as a solution.


If you look around your home and feel stressed and claustrophobic, our personal storage solutions can make all the difference. The key is putting the right stuff in storage and avoiding future inconvenience. WIth that in mind, here are lists of items to keep close and items to put in your storage unit.

Keep Close

  • Furniture you use often
  • Clothing you wear regularly
  • Wall hangings and photos that you can hang and enjoy now
  • Private documents and current bills
  • Sporting gear that gets used every few days
  • Collector’s items you can fit in a display cabinet

Put in Storage

  • Furniture you only bring out for special occasions
  • Out-of-season clothing
  • Photos and wall hangings that don’t fit your decor or make everything feel too busy
  • Important documents that you can’t get rid of but never use
  • Sporting gear that’s purely seasonal
  • Collector’s items waiting for their turn in the display rotation

Thanks to years in the industry, the D Highway Storage team has seen a lot of different situations, and we want to share insights on some of the most common reasons people use personal storage — and how to make sure it works like it’s supposed to!

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