People invest in storage units for many different reasons, and at D Highway Storage, we’re excited to make it easy to find the unit perfect for you. Whether you need storage to eliminate clutter, access greater security, or stand in for space your home just doesn’t have, we’re your answer. Here are some basic considerations to run through on the way to finding your possessions a new home:

How long will I need the storage unit?

Many you’re going on a military tour. Maybe you’re living with the parents until you find a new job. Whatever your situation may be, consider how long you’ll require a storage unit. Make sure you have a conversation with us about it. You can often get discounts on both long-term and temporary storage situations.

How often will I be accessing the unit?

Are all your holiday decorations in the unit? Your off-season clothing? Little-used sports equipment? Your chosen storage facility should be open to you exactly when you need to access your possessions. Check out the facility’s hours of operation and check for 24/7 availability if that’s what you need.

We ensure you pay for the square footage you need without breaking the bank on extra space you won’t use. We make it easy to load your possessions in and out of your unit. We make our facility accessible because everyone’s schedule is different. The list of benefits goes on!

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